Norway to ban gas-powered cars

Norway Aims To Ban Sales Of Gas-Powered Vehicles By 2025

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 10:56 PM 06/04/2016

Norway has decided to prohibit the selling of all gasoline-powered cars by 2025, according to Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

The ban, which has received support from political parties on the left and the right, is pegged to be the most aggressive anti-gasoline energy policies of its kind in the world – the irony, of course, is that Norway is one of the largest producers of fossil fuels in the entire world.

Norwegians produced and exported in 2013 more than 1.2 million barrels of oil, placing it 14th overall on a list of exporting countries, just below Qatar and Mexico.

India and Denmark have discussed the possibility of banning gas-powered cars as well, but India’s policy would begin five years after Norway’s, in 2030, and the Dutch parliament is heavily divided on their version of the ban, which would also start in 2025.

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Norwegian skier John Kristian Dahl wins Sweden’s huge cross-country marathon

Norway’s Dahl wins Sweden’s huge cross-country marathon

Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP

Norway’s Dahl wins Sweden’s huge cross-country marathon

Published: 06 Mar 2016 18:53 GMT+01:00
Updated: 06 Mar 2016 21:21 GMT+01:00

“I’m feeling a bit moved. It was tough today, but I managed to keep my focus and keep calm until the end. It’s unbelievable that I made it. It was my dream to win it again,” Dahl, who also won the competition in 2014, told public broadcaster SVT.

Dahl completed the 90 kilometer-long race between Sälen and Mora in four hours, eight minutes and eight seconds. Stian Holegaard, also from Norway, came in second place. Continue reading

When kidergarten is dirt cheap

Parenting in Norway: ‘Our five-day-a-week kindergarten only costs us €279 a month…’

John Meagher

PUBLISHED 05/09/2015 | 02:30

In Norway: Malin Hermansen Hansen with her partner Wegard and her two sons, Webjorn and Matheo
In Norway: Malin Hermansen Hansen with her partner Wegard and her two sons, Webjorn and Matheo

Finland’s Scandinavian neighbours fare well too. In Norway, special needs assistant Malin Hermansen Hansen and partner Wegard, a fisherman, live in Myre and have two sons, Webjorn, three-and-a-half, and Matheo, almost two. Continue reading

Will Oslo have a national park?

Oslo may get its own national park

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Norway’s capital is surrounded by a fjord on one side and hilly forests on the other.  Efforts are rising to protect some of the latter within the borders of a new national park.

The hills and forests east of Oslo are full of long lakes and relatively untouched areas to this east of this dam at Nord Elvåga. PHOTO:

“Just think how we could tell tourists that they could take the tram to a national park while in Oslo,” Lars Haltbrekken, leader of environmental organization Naturvernforbundet, mused to newspaper Dagsavisen on Friday. He thinks creation of a national park in Oslo’s eastern hills and forests known asØstmarka would have “enormous advantages” both for Oslo and the other municipalities bordering on it. Not only would it preserve the forested area but it also could attract more visitors, Haltbrekken said.

The idea of a national park in the inner portions of Østmarka, where there currently are few if any roads and not even many marked trails, has been floated for years. The local organizationØstmarkas Venner (Friends of Østmarka) drummed up enough support to get the former left-center government’s environmental minister to propose creation of the park, and the proposal won support from leaders of the City of Oslo, which owns roughly half of the land that would make up the park. Continue reading