Qatar’s art collection on show in Spain

Arab expressions — Qatar’s art collection on show in Spain
‘Icons of the Nile’ by Chant Avedissian. Courtesy Fundación Banco Santander / Qatar Museums Authority

Most of the works in this substantial exhibition of Arab art have been loaned to the Spanish gallery by the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha — 160 artworks in total as well as pieces from other Qatari museums.

About 30 artists are represented, from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait and more. The exhibition includes portraits, sculptures, and video installations.

Crucially, it includes works from artists such as Mona Hatoum, Amal Kenawy and Manal Al Dowayan — people dedicated to examining the challenges facing the Arab world today. It also has pieces from artists outside the region such as Yan Pei-Ming who have focused on the Arab world.

• Looking at the World Around: Contemporary Works from Qatar Museums runs at the Santander Art Gallery in Madrid until June 19. For more information visit


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