#BoycottSimons: Stop Torturing Rabbits for Fashion

Stop Torturing Rabbits for Fashion

Angora rabbit by Weißes Satinangora

Target: Peter Simons, CEO of Simons

Goal: End the sale of angora fur obtained from terrified, mistreated rabbits at the fashion retailer Simons.

Angora fur is obtained by shearing or ripping the fur from angora rabbits every three months. The ordeal is terrible and painful either way it is done. The rabbits scream out in pain and will sometimes go into shock afterwards. When their fur begins to lose its luster, the rabbits are killed. The major fashion retailer, Simons, sells various products, including clothing and house decor, that are made out of angora fur.

Most fur comes from fur farms where animals, including foxes, minks and rabbits, are crammed into tiny cages and killed using whatever technique is cheapest. Life on a fur farm is a miserable existence.

Sign this petition and demand Simons stop selling products made from angora fur. Animals should not be subjected to a life of pain just for an unnecessary accessory.


Dear Mr. Simons,

Your company, Simons, sells a variety of products from clothing to home decor. Unfortunately, a numerous amount of products contain fur and angora fur.

Most fur comes from fur farms where animals are crammed in cages so small they can only take a few steps. When their fur is needed, they are killed using the cheapest method possible, including suffocation, neck-breaking and anal electrocution.

Angora is obtained by shearing or ripping the fur from the rabbit every three months. The process is incredibly barbaric and gruesome. The pain is so bad that many rabbits go into shock after the ordeal. When the prime years are over, the rabbits are killed.

Please consider no longer selling items made from fur and angora fur. No animal should be tortured all its life for such arbitrary items.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Weißes Satinangora


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