Putulik Qumaq gives his coat to teen in homeless experiment

Montreal Homeless Man Gives Jacket To A Cold Teen In Act Of Kindness


MTL Cinema / Via youtube.com

A Montreal homeless man is showing us the value of kindness after his selfless act was caught on camera. 

Putulik Qumaq, an Inuit man who is originally from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, had been living on the streets for more than 17 years when he spotted a homeless teenager on the corner asking for money.

It was a chilly, snowy day in Montreal, and Qumaq made a beeline for the 14-year-old boy.

“It’s very cold,” Qumaq told him, before taking off his jacket and handing it to the teen. “Let’s make you a little warmer.”

As it turns out, the homeless teenager wasn’t homeless at all, but part of a social experiment filmed by his brother, Montreal filmmaker Angel Azmeer.

“We wanted to see what people would do if a 14-year-old took to the street asking for money,” Azmeer said. “Some gave a bit of money, but most people just ignored him. We were shocked that the one person to really help was homeless himself.”

As for Qumaq, he insists he didn’t do anything special. 

“It’s cold. Like myself, I’m homeless too for all these years, but I had a feeling,”he said. “He’s young and I’ve been through that.”

“My mom has told me many years that I can help others even when I’m struggling. That’s why I did it,” he added.

David Chapman, the assistant director at the Montreal homeless shelter The Open Door where Qumaq frequents, said he was not at all surprised to learn about his generous act.

“Often, those who live on the street are people with really big hearts, and this is an aspect that’s often not seen,” he said.

Kindness. Pass it on.



2 thoughts on “Putulik Qumaq gives his coat to teen in homeless experiment

  1. A wonderful gesture by Qumaq. Here in Nottingham, police have found that virtually nobody who begs is homeless, perhaps just one in a hundred, and that it is just a very easy and lucrative way of receiving money. Much better to donate your spare change to a charity.


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