Former mailman finds Candy W.!

Writer of heartbreaking 1993 Dear Santa letter reconnects with former mailman

‘Somewhere out there there was a stranger… hoping good things for me,’ says Candyce Sellars

By Elizabeth McMillan, CBC News Posted: Dec 20, 2015 6:56 PM AT Last Updated: Dec 20, 2015 7:26 PM AT

The letter is dated Dec. 6, 1993.

The letter is dated Dec. 6, 1993. (Tom Hurst/Facebook)

A former Canada Post letter carrier who held on to a heartbreaking Dear Santa letter for 22 years has reconnected with the woman who wrote it.

When Tom Hurst worked as a letter carrier in Halifax, N.S., he was one of the people who would respond to the letters that were mailed to Santa Claus. One day in 1993, he received a letter signed Candy W.

Candyce Sellars, age 8

Candyce Sellars says when she was eight years old, she didn’t understand why her parents were splitting up. (Submitted by Candyce Sellars)

Candyce Sellars was eight when she penned the letter to the North Pole, asking not for presents, but to see her father, as well as for her family to stop fighting.

‘Send me my dad’

“Well anyway there are a few things I hope you can grant. They are to see if you can send me my dad or if you can’t do that then I would like a Grape Escape game or some thing like that or Dreem phone [sic] or you can just bring a card or some thing like that,” said the letter dated Dec. 6, 1993.

Hurst always wondered what happened to the girl who wrote the letter, and recently shared it on Facebook in the hopes that he could find her.

On Friday, CBC News published a story about his efforts. That same day, Sellars’s mother read the story and sent her the link for it. Sellars says once she looked at the handwriting, she knew it was hers and suddenly remembered writing the letter.




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