Peruvian Andean music promoted by Dina Paucar

Dina Paucar to bring Peruvian Andean Music into El Cervantino International Festivalportada

  • Photo: INTERNET/Medios

Lima, Oct. 14. Peruvian Andean singer Dina Paucar is one of the artists who will perform at the prestigious 43rd Cervantino International Festival held in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The singer made remarks and details about her presentation at a press conference attended by the most influential Aztec media and other news agencies.
“It is indescribable and a great excitement that vernacular art, through myself, is represented at a festival of such magnitude,” she told Andina news agency.
The Peruvian artistic delegation is also composed of Lucho Quequezana, Jean Pierre Magnet, Manuelcha Prado and Eva Ayllon.
Paucar, a former maid, became one of Peru’s most popular folk singers over the last decade.

Published: 14/10/2015


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