Peru’s education budget higher

Peru: 2016 Education Budget, 88% higher than 2011portada

  • Photo: ANDINA/archivo

Lima, Oct. 20. The 2016 budget requested by Peru’s Ministry of Education (Minedu) to Congress amounts to S/.24.80 billion (about US$7.68 billion), a figure 88% higher than that allocated for 2011.

Thus, the amount aimed at education would climb from 14.9% (2011) to 17.9% (2016), Education Minister Jaime Saavedra projected at Congress.
Last September, the sector’s investment project execution registered progress at 51%. Likewise, the executed amount is 96% higher compared to 2014.
According to the Minister, a total of S/.430 million (about US$133.13 million) will be allocated to the comprehensive pedagogical support strategy, which involves academic reinforcement, workshops for parents and pedagogical assistance, with the aim of improving student learning.
A S/.1.038 billion (about US$321.36 million) fund will be allocated to expand the Full-time School Day program (JEC) at 1,604 high schools.
Complementarily, an investment worth S/.38 million (about US$11.76 million) will be set aside for the National English Teaching Plan at JEC high schools.
On the other hand, the Special Basic Education program (EBE) budget will be increased by 31% leading to S/.168 million (about US$52.01 million).

Published: 20/10/2015


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