The historic Maryport lighthouse could soon shine out again


The historic Maryport lighthouse could soon shine out again.

Maryport lighthouse photo

Maryport lighthouse
Plans have been drawn up to renovate the beacon and switch it back on.

A bid has been made for a grant from the Coastal Revival Fund to repair the metalwork. And the light would be reconnected as part of the renovation project.

But it will only be able to shine onto land. It would have to be screened from projecting out to sea to avoid confusing sea craft, according to town centre area manager Toni Magean.

He says: “It is one of the earliest examples of cast-iron lighthouses in the UK and is Grade 2 listed and deemed to be at-risk.

“We have had a survey done and some of the metal panels need replacing and we have had requests by some groups in town to get the light flashing again.

“That will happen, if the bid is successful, though we would have to screen the light from the sea.”

The lighthouse by the marina was originally built in 1796 and features in several paintings of the town by LS Lowry.

The bid for £50,000 in renovation funds has been made by the Love Maryport Town team who will also use the money to create information boards and leaflets on the lighthouse.

The Camp Farm Roman heritage site, next to the Senhouse Museum has also made a bid for money from the Coastal Revival Fund to help carry out essential repairs.

A decision on whether the funding applications have been successful is expected in November.

The town is also teaming up with Silloth to draft plans on how to improve the coastal area stretching down to Flimby.

Silloth and Maryport have both been granted £10,000 to set up a coastal community team.

The two towns have agreed to combine their funding to come up with a joint plan to promote tourism and heritage in the area.

They are now looking to use the community money to recruit a consultant who will help draw up a plan of action so they can apply for further grants from a £90 million pot set up by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The plans need to be submitted to the communities fund by the end of January.


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