Syriac Catholic Patriarch: The West is an “accomplice” in the violence wrought by ISIS

Syriac Catholic Patriarch: The West is an “Accomplice” in the Violence Wrought By ISIS

Pleas for more decisive action on the part of the West

Syrian boys, whose family fled their home in Idlib, walk to thei
Calling the war in Syria, and its resultant refugee crisis “a tsunami that has hit the country” a grieved and frustrated-sounding Archbishop Ignatius Joseph III Younan, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Syriac Catholic Church, had some hard words for the West during a pastoral visit to Ottawa, Canada.

Noting that over 100,000 Syrians have died — and millions more have become refugees, displaced from their homeland —Younan charged Europe and North America with a lack of concern for the Syrian crises until the image of Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body was seen around the world. Europe and North America, he said, seemed largely unmoved by the crimes against humanity being suffered by Syria and its people. “The western world is not only indifferent,” he said, but “[through its unresponsiveness] it is an accomplice in continuing that type of violence and killing.”

Younan said that blame for the rise of ISIS can be laid at the feet of the United States, France and Great Britain, who he charged with “fomenting the violence under the pretext of a kind of Arab Spring.” He called on Western governments to commit ground troops to the effort to repel and defeat the Islamic State, noting that airstrikes are ineffective where ISIS lives among the citizenry.

The Gulf States also came into criticism from the Archbishop, who noted that nations of great wealth and vast, unpopulated territory — particularly Saudi, Arabia — have not used their resources to provide temporary shelter and humanitarian aid to their fellow Arabs, forcing refugees into European exile.

For Arab Christians, said the Archbishop, the situation in the region has been catastrophic: “At least 50 percent of Syria’s Christians have been displaced; 25 percent have gone into exile and left the country.” The kidnapping of 200 Christian families and Father Jacques Mourad, of St. Elias Monastery, has particularly “devastated” his community. Transferred to ISIS via local Muslims, those Christians still remaining in the area have become subject to the “jizya” tax which permits them to stay in their homes, as long as they pay a steep fee, and then comply with numerous restrictions against the practice of their faith and the visibility of their belief. “People are losing hope,” Younan said, suggesting that most Syrians would prefer “to be able to stay in his or her homeland.”


3 thoughts on “Syriac Catholic Patriarch: The West is an “accomplice” in the violence wrought by ISIS

  1. Yes, the West, and other powerful wealthy countries such as Russia, Japan and China should be doing much, much more to help the poor countries of the world. They are people, not just a source of cheap raw materials and cheap slave labour.

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  2. It is NATO specifically, not the populations of its affiliated countries, which is to blame; but it will be the populations of its affiliated countries which bear the brunt of Islamic immigration by ‘asylum seekers’, with all that goes with it: a total unwillingness of the immigrants to assimilate, an increase in rapes of European women and girls as young as twelve, demands for Sharia Law and ‘honour’ killings of women who refuse forced marriages; all cheered on in the name of ‘diversity’ by the ‘liberal left’. At least the Archbishop is correct about the ruling elites of the oil-rich Arab Gulf States, which have Al Jazeera as their propaganda wing.

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  3. I am not surprised that such articles never make the headlines. This religious leader is making a fantastic point that nobody seems to be willing to discuss. Is it a hot potato? Well, it is, but ignoring it will just worsen the situation. Merkel is on the brim of mentally collapsing after the major error she made, all in the name of “humanity”. It is like trying to continuously clean an infected stitched wound, instead of opening it.
    Such attitude is not only idiotic, but extremely dangerous for everybody.


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