Skate parks for kids thanks to country singer Kip Moore

September 06, 2015 6:00 am  • 

Last month in Annapolis, Md., Moore opened the first of four skate parks he is helping to fund with the Comeback Kid Skatepark Project, an initiative of his donor-advised charitable fund, Kip’s Kids Fund. Another park opened in San Marcos, Texas, and two more will be opened in Nashville, Tennessee, and Boston.




2 thoughts on “Skate parks for kids thanks to country singer Kip Moore

  1. Well done, Kip Moore!! I really wish so-called celebrities would pay back the people who have put them where they are. Soccer players here in England can earn £250K per week. Why not do some good with it?


    • I will have to say that Kip got there because of his talent. And so did those famous soccer players:)
      The issue is that many filthy rich people, who spend huge amounts of money on fancy, one-tablespoon-like desserts could also build a playground. Or a community park. Or simply re-paint a school and buy new furniture.
      Can’t force people to give if they don’t feel like.
      As for the UK soccer/football players… don’t forget that many come from very poor countries and have extended-family responsibilities. In many cultures, the rich must give money to his/her poor family members, sometimes simply supporting them until they pass away.
      Also, in order for their families to be proud and brag about their son’s success, they need to buy expensive items, live a luxurious life-style,etc.
      I don’t judge anyone for not giving.


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