LEA director Boikhutso Kgomanyane motivates students

Botswana: LEA Official Motivates Students

Corporate & Stakeholder Communications Division (CSC) Director, Boikhutso Kgomanyane

Corporate & Stakeholder Communications Division (CSC) Director, Boikhutso Kgomanyane

Matobo — The director of corporate and stakeholder communications at Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Ms Boikhutso Kgomanyane, has called upon students to make informed choices lest they regret in future.

Speaking at Mpiti Primary School prize giving ceremony at Matobo recently, Ms Kgomanyane said students must make a choice that they could live with.

She emphasised the importance of recognising good performance, saying that it was through such ceremonies that students were able to improve.

She urged parents to develop interest in their children education saying failure to do so led to poor examination results.

Ms Kgomanyane also said LEA adopted Mpiti following the ministry of education’s request for organisations to assist government through the adopt-a-school initiative.

She said because of limited resources LEA had assisted Mpiti school only for the past three years and this was the final year with the school.

The school head, Mr Dikgang Morekwa cited many challenges such as shortage of classrooms noting that some students travelled long distances to and from school, something that he said impacted negatively on their school work.



2 thoughts on “LEA director Boikhutso Kgomanyane motivates students

  1. Every community should have such voices to inspire and push young people to make intelligent choices. Today, there is this trend to take “social studies, political science,etc.” courses. In the long run, how many of such “specialists” does a society need? After graduation, they complain that they cannot find jobs. Of course, that niche is tiny.We need doctors, engineers, teachers. The generation to replace us needs to think more responsibly.

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