Mike Corey’s rite of passage means 30 days alone in the wilderness

Mike Corey prepares for 30 days alone in the wilderness

New Maryland-area man says the 30-day trek into the forest is a rite of passage

By Shane Fowler, CBC News Posted: Aug 24, 2015 6:32 AM AT Last Updated: Aug 24, 2015 8:56 AM AT

A map shows Mike Corey's first day in his "30 in the forest" adventure. Corey is going to spend 30 days in New Brunswick's interior.

A map shows Mike Corey’s first day in his “30 in the forest” adventure. Corey is going to spend 30 days in New Brunswick’s interior. (Google)

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To celebrate 30 years of living on this planet, a New Brunswick man will be living in a remote part of it, alone, for a month.

Mike Corey plans to spend the 30 days after turning 30 in isolation in the woods of the New Brunswick interior.

The New Maryland-area resident says he is attempting the excursion in order to take a break from the routine of technology dependency, slow down and perhaps find life’s reset button.

“I think lots of us my age are afflicted with this feeling of urgency, being so busy with so many things taking up our time and I think technology is mostly to blame,” said Corey.

Mike Corey

Corey plans to spend 30 days in the New Brunswick forest alone. This photo was taken at the CBC studio in Fredericton before he ventured into the forest. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

“I’m not anti-tech, however, I feel myself wrestling with who is in control in my life. Technology? Or myself?”

That`s where the plan to live away from technology came.

“You have to forcefully reclaim some of the time in your life and take some time back and allow yourself time to sit back and think about what is important and who is important,” said Corey.

Corey is also choosing to think of the expedition as a rite of passage.

“In North America, we don’t have those rites of passages that other cultures do,” said Corey.

“In Brazil, they have to put their hand in gloves filled with bullet ants, they have an incredibly painful bite. Or in Vanuatu where they tie vines to their feet and bungee jump. We just don’t have that here.”


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