Meet Aboubacar Doumbia, Mali’s most dedicated postman

Meeting Mali’s most dedicated postman

  • 10 August 2015
  • From the section Magazine
Doumbia on his moped

In the city of Bamako, where even the most basic public administration is beset by corruption, the arrival one morning of a letter from Manchester in the UK comes as something of a surprise.

The doorbell. Bleary eyed, I perform the required yank and heave of the cheap lock.

”La Poste – service public!” says a smartly turned-out man with extreme enthusiasm.

He is holding a white envelope, addressed to me. I feel like closing the door and reopening it again; just to make sure it’s no mirage.


”La Poste, service public!” he insists, waving the letter in my face.

I examine the back of the envelope. ”If undelivered, please return to PO Box 480… Manchester.” Since moving to Mali I have put myself online for banks, bills and birthdays. But not, I discover, for BBC payslips. Thanks to a faraway accounts department, I am meeting postman Aboubacar Doumbia.

He lives and breathes public service as someone only can in a country where there isn’t any.

Doumbia has been issued with a standard post office worker’s navy blue waistcoat. It is on the drab side. So around it, by scouring the markets of Bamako, he has created a bespoke uniform: cornflower-blue shirt, two-tone blue tie with yellow stripes and – his pride and joy – navy blue German policeman’s trousers. The final touch is his cap, which he made himself, complete with a hand-painted La Poste name plate.

Doumbia’s scooter is of course yellow. He slides on his metal-rimmed pilot’s glasses and takes me on a round.


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