Civility: How do we dress when we go out?

For the love of God, stop dressing like crap

Kylie Jenner may have been wearing a classy “Eat Me Out” T-shirt, but at least she wasn’t at the theater. Small blessings, right?

Tell that to the slobs who turn up at Broadway shows dressed as though they’d just walked in from a tailgating party — one with a three-figure admission price, mind you.

When people were invited onstage at a recent performance of “Penn & Teller on Broadway,” many women looked as if they had stepped out of a jazzercise class, while men ambled around in hideous cargo shorts.

And it’s not just at the theater where folks have simply stopped trying: Offenders turn up at the Metropolitan Opera in Crocs. A colleague who used to work at the Neue Galerie — a museum housed in a former Vanderbilt mansion — would see visitors in cutoffs.



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