Tanzania gets 70 billion from US to boost conservation efforts

Tanzania: U.S Grants 70 Billion/ – to Boost Conservation Efforts

27 JUNE 2015

The US Government, through its Agency for International Development has pledged more than US $ 30 million in the next five years, to boost wildlife and environment conservation efforts in Tanzania.

To start with, the US Envoy to Tanzania, Ambassador Mark Childress launched the first conservation project known as ‘Promoting Tanzania’s Environment Conservation and Tourism’ (PROTECT) to the tune of US $14.5 million at the Randilen Wildlife Management Area (WMA) mapped within wide corridor located between Tarangire and Lake-Manyara National Parks.

“PROTECT will respond in the short term to the immediate poaching crisis, while laying the groundwork for long term success in the fight against wildlife trafficking and the conservation of natural resources, including animals and the overall biodiversity,” stated Ambassador Childress.

In addition to the sum, small grants totalling to US $2.75 million will be disbursed throughout the five years of the project to promote promising and innovative solutions for improved wildlife management; strengthen key partners in their ability to carry out their conservation mandates and provide incentives for private investment in nature-based enterprises.



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